Infants to Teens

Fussy eaters

Don’t let a fussy eater drive you crazy.

With 20 years’ experience in managing selective eaters, including children with sensory issues, autism and developmental delay, Anna will give you easy steps to help widen your child’s food choices – without the mealtime tantrums.


If you have any concerns around your child’s food intake, sleeping patterns or energy levels, a nutritional health check can give you confidence and practical tips to take to improve your child’s intake.

With her medical and developmental background, Anna can also let you know if there are any underlying issues that need to be taken further.


If you have a busy, active, high achiever or super sporty teen, get some family – friendly practical ideas to ensure they are eating to maintain their growth potential and meet their performance goals.

If your teen ‘should be a bit more active’ or is struggling to make healthier choices, let Anna’s easy to understand tips and motivation tools take the stress out of your mealtimes.