Sleep Apnoea Package

Nutrition Connection’s specialised Sleep Apnoea weight loss programme - designed to significantly reduce your sleep apnoea symptoms.

Our programme with help you discover a sustainable and realistic approach to weight loss that works with your body and your lifestyle.

We tailor our approach to your unique physiology and needs, and use cognitive behavioural therapy to help identify and change unhelpful eating behaviours to ensure your long term success.

Programme structure:

  • 1 x initial consultation (60 mins) in which we get to know you and assess your current eating habits and nutritional needs. During this session we will discuss the option of using Optifast* to kickstart your results.
  • 1 x personalised eating plan or 1 x personalised Optifast eating plan.
  • Medical monitoring if on the Optifast stream of the package.
  • 8 x follow-up consultations (30 mins) at weekly or fortnightly intervals, extending to monthly as your confidence grows.
  • 3 x phone consultations (15 mins)
  • 3 x nutrient analysis reports using a New Zealand-specific analysis program that visually shows what you are eating. Seeing your baseline and progression through the months is a great way to really see the impact of the positive changes you will be making.

Price: $750.00. 

Valued at $950.00 when not purchased as a package.

*Additional cost of Optifast products not included